Wednesday, May 24, 2006

An End or a Beginning?

Grandson One is graduating from High School soon. Now, all you grannies know that we love ‘em all and treat them the same and on and on and on. But this is my first grandchild. He arrived new and beautiful into this confusing world very recently, less than 18 years ago.

With the exception of a few short years, he has been a constant presence in my daily life ever since. That makes almost 18 years a long time. He has grown taller than us, about 6-2 or so, and stronger than us, and has learned a lot over the years. He is well liked and even adults who meet him complement his Mom.

Tomorrow, he is taking a physical so he can join the Navy. For One, this is a good choice. He is bright but not a scholar, so college seems an unreasonable idea. Jobs for high school graduates in our area are few, far between and low paying. One parent, two grandparents and an aunt are a lot of authority figures of deal with for almost 18 years. A little space must look very welcome.

And, this choice was one for him to make, and one he has made. Perhaps this is a safe platform from which he can learn and launch. I hope so, he will always occupy a huge part of me, and I will always worry about him and pray for him.

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